Do you suffer from low self-esteem?

This site will help you understand what is involved in raising your self-esteem and presents a positive program to achieve it.

Lasting self-esteem is possible and achievable.

Self-esteem is a central theme of Dr. Stanley J. Gross' work as a teacher, writer, and psychotherapist. He is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Quincy, MA and Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology, Indiana State University, Terre Haute. His new book, "Pathways to Lasting Self-Esteem" is about his approach to this important topic.


The focus here is on making an enduring impact on low self-esteem

Lasting self-esteem is the emphasis here rather than the shifting momentary judgments often made about self-esteem following affirming or discouraging life events. By focusing on such topics as persistent self-care, facing fears, building skills, and slowing reactivity, we single out the deeper work required for an enduring impact on self-esteem. This is distinguished from the superficial manipulations commonly ineffective in having a lasting effect. Positive affirmations as well as injunctions to revise negative beliefs about oneself rarely survive more than a day or two. Nor do most current approaches to low self-esteem address the habitual nature of the negative thinking and action involved in low self-esteem

Though I acknowledge the tenacity of low self-esteem, I affirm that much can be done to raise it. Responding to the many "how to do it" questions I have heard, this approach to self-esteem offers practical guidance in a skill-oriented pathway for the journey. This route to positive self-esteem recognizes four levels of development beyond low self-esteem. It features distinct dilemmas, goals, tasks, and skills for each level. The program provides an accessible way to reduce confusion by suggesting a menu of concrete actions. It offers hope to counter despair, and safe options to offset fear.

Having seen this approach work, I am optimistic about the possibilities for change and the existence of choice. Having seen struggle, I am also cautious about the potential pitfalls, snares, and delusions. What follows can be exciting, scary and satisfying, it can also be the most important work anyone can ever do.